Loading Dock Levelers

Pro Garage Doors is a dealer of NOVA dock levelers. NOVA dock levelers combine the highest quality design, materials, and manufacturing to meet customer requirements and dock safety regulations. Our goal is to provide customers with safe and efficient loading dock equipment at an affordable price.

Variety of Models - Easy to Use

Mechanical Models:

  • Easy pull-chain activation with finger tip release
  • Simple operation with a cam and roller counterbalance system that assures smooth dependable walk down
  • Patented hold-down assembly allows for full float and automatic release capability with air ride trailers

Air Powered Models:
  • Environmentally friendly air operated system
  • Easy push button operation provides for full float at all positions

Hydraulic Models:
  • Easy push button control panel for smooth, consistent operation with a hydraulic system that provides for full float at all positions

Safe & Reliable Operation:
  • Operable range is 12" above and 12" below dock level
  • Platform is designed to service out of level trailers with up to 4" of flex and remains flush with dock floor
  • Full width rear hinge in compression with structural channel rear frame supports for added strength
  • Integral maintenance strut is lockout/tagout compliant
  • Positive lip extension
  • Below dock end load capability
  • For added safety, NOVA Truck Lock System recommended to restrain trucks during the loading/unloading process

Exceptional Versatility

  • Available in mechanical, air powered or hydraulic styles
  • Wide variety of leveler sizes, lip sizes, capacities and options to fit any application

Extremely Economical

All NOVA dock levelers are designed for easy clean out and servicing, reducing your maintenance costs