Is there a troubleshooting guide for my Overhead Door operator on the website?

There are too many types and models of door operators to list them here. Please feel free to contact our parts department at 605-368-2555 for further assistance.

I think I need a new receiver for my garage door opener. Is this a do-it-yourself project?

If you are comfortable working from a ladder, it may be possible to replace your receiver and transmitters yourself. There are a few exceptions, so please call or email one of our showrooms for up-to-date information.

My transmitter will open the door, but when I try to close the door it only goes about 6 inches and then reverses. What is wrong?

There are a few possible problems that might prevent your door from closing after you have opened it. Most commonly, the photo cells are out of alignment or there is an obstruction in the way of the photo cell safety beam.

What is your Warranty?

New doors and motor operators are covered by a minimum of one year warranty on material and workmanship. Several doors and openers have extended material warranties beyond the first year. Service and repair work warranties are 90-days on parts and 30-days on labor.

What kind of doors and operators do you repair?

We repair all brands of doors and motor operators, including residential and commercial entry doors.

Will you mail a new remote to me?

Sure. We can ship a new transmitter (or any other parts) to any address.

I'm thinking of building a new home. When should I contact you?

The sooner the better. We can help you select which products are best for your and help with the dimensions.

What type of operators do you have?

We offer a wide variety of options. Please check Commercial or Residential Products section under operators from the menu above.

Do you take credit cards or personal checks?

Sure. We gladly accept cash, checks, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards.

Do the technicians carry the parts I may need on their trucks?

Our service trucks stock a large number of parts for all brands of equipment. It is quite possible that we will have the part you need without making a second trip.

I know you give free estimates on new/replacement doors and openers. How about estimates on service?

We will provide you with expected costs for standard repairs, such as broken springs. But for a firm price, service and repair work involves a site inspection by a qualified field technician.

How do I reset my operator?

Although most operators do not have a reset button on them, it sometimes helps to unplug the unit, wait 60 seconds, and plug it back in (sometimes this will allow the internal computer chip to re-set itself).

Can I buy a new clicker/remote at the shop?

Yes. Our showrooms carry an extensive selection of transmitters for garage door openers. If your transmitter is no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer, we can usually provide an after-market alternative.

How qualified and trained are your service technicians?

Our service technicians are highly trained professionals that are employed exclusively for our use. (we do not use "subs," we only use our own employees). We conduct regular training classes to ensure our employees are up to date with all the latest technological changes.